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On day, I had to merge several repos into one only monorepo. I did all the job by hand, and it was painful, especially for git history.

Then, I discovered the Shopsys Monorepo Tools which is basically a set of bash scripts, to do the job for you:

  • monorepo_build: build monorepo from specified remotes.
  • monorepo_split: split monorepo built by and push all master branches along with all tags into specified remotes.
  • monorepo_add: add repositories to an existing monorepo from specified remotes. The remotes must be already added to your repository and fetched. Only master branch will be added from each repo.
  • rewrite_history_into: rewrite git history (even tags) so that all filepaths are in a specific subdirectory.
  • rewrite_history_from: rewrite git history (even tags) so that only commits that made changes in a subdirectory are kept and rewrite all filepaths as if it was root.
  • original_refs_restore: restore original git history after rewrite.
  • original_refs_wipe: wipe original git history after rewrite.
  • load_branches_from_remote: delete all local branches and create all non-remote-tracking branches of a specified remote.
  • tag_refs_backup: backup tag refs into refs/original-tags/
  • tag_refs_move_to_original: move tag refs from refs/original-tags/ into refs/original/

You can find this page with theses search keywords:

/ repo / packages / branches /
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